Как да отгледаме чери домати и как да се грижим за тях – съвети

Как да отгледаме чери домати – ако някога сте слагали чери домат в устата си, прясно откъснат от вашата градина, докато е все още топъл от слънцето, знаете защо тези ароматни малки изкушения са едни от най-популярните зеленчуци напоследък. В последните години, чери доматите стават все по-популярни за все повече хора. Те си пасват изключително […]

Как да отгледаме чери домати и как да се грижим за тях – съвети

Diego Velázquez

Hendrick Goltzius – splendour and excess

Visual Pursuits

“The fact – and this will seem to many unbelievable – that his paintings by no means equaled his superb engravings did a lot to damage his reputation.”[1] Constantijn Huygens, 1630

The term ‘virtuosity’ rarely fails to surface when discussing the graphic oeuvre of Dutch artist Hendrick Goltzius (1558-1617). Praised for his sheer technical brilliance, during his lifetime Goltzius was collected by royalty and those of wealth and influence. Rudolf II of Prague (1583–1612) even granted an imperial privilege that illegalized the copying of his engravings – a high honour indeed.[2] Yet as the quote above indicates it was always his prints that attracted the highest praise, which regardless of their artistic brilliance could never achieve the same level of prestige associated with painting. Despite abandoning engraving after 1598 and dedicating his final years to painting and drawing, Goltzius was not to conquer painting in the same way…

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